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Reynoldsburg Chiropractor

Over the years, our Reynoldsburg chiropractors have been known to give exceptional chiropractic care to every patient in need of care. To relieve the pain and symptoms, and aid patients on their way to full recovery, the Reynoldsburg chiropractor uses only non-surgical, natural remedies that have been proven safe and effective to provide exemplary healthcare to the community. Family chiropractic care is of utmost importance to our Reynoldsburg chiropractors.

We've based our care methods on the assessment of the pain and dysfunction of each part of the body. In order to treat each individual patient, the Reynoldsburg chiropractors have studied countless chiropractic techniques that will provide favorable treatment. Diagnosing the problem correctly is our first concern, and the Reynoldsburg chiropractor stands behind each diagnosis.

The Reynoldsburg chiropractors have made it their life's goal to help other people recover and get back to normalcy through chiropractic care. It is not enough for the Reynoldsburg chiropractor to relieve short-term symptoms; helping you sustain long-term health is just as important. The endeavor of the Reynoldsburg chiropractors is to build a connection of optimum health and higher potentials for lifelong wellness through chiropractic care. Each clinic and Reynoldsburg chiropractor offers cutting-edge, scientifically relevant techniques, nutritional coaching and education.

The Reynoldsburg chiropractor takes pleasure in the competency to cater to the needs of each new patient and in surpassing their expectations. No matter if you want to find out more information about our chiropractic, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, our Reynoldsburg chiropractors are wiating for your call. The Reynoldsburg chiropractor is available to help you. Call now!

Welcome From Dr. Jack Kohl
Dr. Jack Kohl

A great chiropractic experience awaits you at Reynoldsburg Chiropractic Center. Dr. Kohl is one of Central Ohio's most trusted chiropractic physicians. His 22 years of practice experience and genuine caring attitude make him the perfect choice for someone ready to consult a chiropractic physician....

The Origin and Focus of Chiropractic: The Cornerstone for the Schooling of Chiropractic Doctors
Chiropractic care has a very long history. In 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., spinal manipulation was already discussed in Chinese and Greek texts, which spoke of its role in lowering pain, and caring for...
Behaviors that Can Lead To Neck Pain and Alternative Care that Can Help
Starting at the base of your skull, your cervical spine (also known as your neck) is made of seven vertebrae. It's up to your neck to hold your head. Your head, however, weighs several pounds so...
Pinpointing Subluxations in your Spine and Knowing Care Options
A "subluxation", in chiropractic terms, equals a dislocation of the vertebrae that negatively affects its functioning. The dislocation guides the chiropractor to where to perform a spinal...
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